Tuesday, March 8, 2011

X-37B Launched

US Air Force has launched a small-size prototype X-37b space plane without a crew second. Interior Products uncle Sam became a secret X-37B program. Next generation Spaceplane X-37B was developed nearly a decade whith Air Force, Aeronautical Space Agency and the U.S. (NASA), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The  prototypes made Boeing’s Phantom Works branch in Huntington Beach, California.

Vehicle Experiment Orbit 2 (OTV-2) coupled to the Atlas V booster rocket. OTV-tech robotic spacecraft is similar to a mini-length 29 feet or about 8.8 meters. Wing span of 15 feet or about 4.5 meters. The spacecraft use sunlight as fuel from the panels unfold. X-37B prototypes first prime task to complete in December 2010. 

Authorities assess an unmanned spacecraft can be used for a variety of missions including reconnaissance. Also service and repair satellites, flying, and accept the spacecraft and tested a number of new technologies

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