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Encouraging clicks for Adsense Income

AdSense Program Policy document addresses the kinds of things you shouldn’t pull in an attempt to encourage people to click on your ads. I know this is a little negative, but it’s important that you pay attention to these no-nos because ignoring them could have dire consequences.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Invalid clicks and impressions

“Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest.”
That’s the first line of the most highly debated section of the program policies.
This section of the policy lays out the guidelines for what constitutes a valid click. If you click your own ads, those clicks are invalid. If you program (or purchase) some piece of software to click your ads, those clicks are invalid. And these types of invalid clicks are click fraud. Click fraud is fraudulently clicking your own or someone else’s ads with the intent of affecting AdSense revenues or AdWords costs and is enough to get you banned from AdSense completely, no questions asked — and please don’t re-apply.
A valid click or impression has these qualities:

Google’s Policies for Adsense

If you’ve read anything at all online about AdSense, you’ve probably seen the phrase “familiarize yourself with the AdSense Program Policies” at least as many times as you’ve seen the moon. There’s good reason for that.

Google is very strict about AdSense users (publishers, in their jargon) following the guidelines set forth in the AdSense Program Policies document. If you don’t adhere to the program policies, Google reserves the right to disable your AdSense account. And Google will — faster than you can say “What did I do wrong?” They’re that serious about the guidelines because the appearance of your site and your adherence to their guidelines determine how people view the advertisements. Google wants to be in users’ good graces, and your cooperation helps to accomplish that. The program policies aren’t filled with quite as much legalese as you might find in other policy documents, but you’ll encounter ten-dollar words like pursuant.

How to make Adsense Account

One misconception that I had when I wanted to start using AdSense was that it would be difficult and time-consuming to set up. Boy, was I wrong! Setting up the account doesn’t require your first born child or your signature in blood. Setting up the account takes only a few minutes and a minimum of information. But how you set up the account is determined by whether you already have a Google account.

AdSense account, here are the steps for setting up the account:
1. Point your browser to the AdSense Web site at www.adsense.com.
2. Click the Sign Up Now button.
3. Fill in the requested information on the form that appears and then click the Submit Information button. The information you’ll be requested to enter includes
• Your Web site URL: Google will check the site to ensure it’s appropriate for ads to be displayed.
• Your Web site language: To ensure that AdSense is available to your site visitors and that any ads placed are properly targeted to the main language of your site.
• Type of account: Use this drop-down menu to select whether you’re creating a personal account or a business account. (If the account is for you, it’s personal, and if you plan to use it as part of a business that you own, it’s a business account.)
• Country or territory: You do know where you live, don’t you?
• The payee name: This is the name under which you want your payments issued. If you’re creating a personal account, it should be your personal name. If you’re creating a business account, it’s best to use the business name, but you can also use your personal
name if you prefer.
Payments are made electronically or by check, but you set that information up after you’ve created your AdSense account, so for now all you need to know is to whom and where payments should be sent.
• Address and telephone number: Use the address where you would like to have your payments sent, and be sure to include a working telephone number in case the good people at AdSense need to contact you concerning payments. You also need to select the I Agree that I Can Receive Checks Made Out to the Payee Name I Have Listed Above check box. This just ensures that you’re aware that the name you have selected in the Payee Name portion of the form is the name your checks will be made out to.
• Email preferences: If you want to receive the AdSense newsletter and surveys about AdSense, place a check mark in the In Addition, Send Me Periodic Newsletters with Tips and Best Practices and Occasional Surveys To Help Google Improve AdSense check box.
• Who referred you: Use the drop-down menu provided to tell Google how you heard about AdSense. This information is likely used to help them effectively market the AdSense service.
• Agree to AdSense program policies: The last part of the form is where you register your agreement or disagreement with the AdSense program policies. Be sure to read these policies completely (a link to them is provided on the form). If you don’t agree to the program’s policies, you will not be approved for an AdSense account. Two of the four check boxes on this list are the most important points in the program policies. The third check box is your agreement (if you agree) and the fourth check box is just confirmation
that you don’t already have an AdSense account. (You’re only allowed to have one, so don’t try registering another because it will be refused.) All four of these check boxes must be selected. Don’t blow off the Policies section. You need to read the policies and
make sure you understand them because Google strictly requires that publishers (AdSense users) adhere to these policies. Slip up, and Google will strip your AdSense capabilities so fast you’ll wonder if there’s some capability-stripping super power out there that you’ve never heard of.
4. In the new page that appears, confirm your payment information, and then choose either the I Have an Email Address and Password (Google Account) option or the I Do Not Use These Other Services option. If you select the first option, you can jump right to the next section. If you select the second option, a new form appears.
5a. If you select the second option, choose a new e-mail address for the ccount, designate and confirm a password for the account, and then enter the verification word. When you’re finished, click Continue. A Gmail account will be created for you, using the e-mail address you select.
5b. If you choose the I Have an Email Address and Password (Google Account) option, then you have to choose one of the other two options on the page: I’d Like to Use My Existing Google Account for AdSense or I’d Like to Choose a New Login Name and Password Just for AdSense. If you choose to use your existing Google account for AdSense, in a form. Enter your active e-mail address and password and click Continue.
The other option you have is to set up a new login name and password just for AdSense. If you select that option, a form. Create a new e-mail address for your username, add
a password (and confirm it), and then enter the verification word and click Continue.
6. Wait. First you have to wait for an e-mail confirmation from AdSense. That should arrive in your e-mail Inbox within a matter of minutes. After you’ve confirmed your e-mail address, you have to wait a little longer for approval of your account. But don’t wait too long. Google should only take a few days to approve or deny your application for an AdSense account. One question you may have is whether you really need a Gmail address to complete the AdSense application. The answer is no. I can sing the praises of
Gmail — Google’s Web mail program. I’ve had an account since the program was in beta testing, and it’s the best Web-based e-mail program you’ll find. But it’s not necessary to have one. Any e-mail address will suffice. Just be sure it’s an e-mail address that you have access to because that’s where Google sends your communications from AdSense, and you must be able to access those communications to verify your account.

Getting Started with AdSense

AdSense is ad space on your Web page or blog that you lease to advertisers.) Now, I think definitions are all well and good, but it’s time to get started using AdSense to generate a little income from your Web site, don’t you know? Before I get too deep into the hows, though, I need to address a few whys.

Having more than one AdSense account?

Having more than one account might seem like a good idea in certain situations. For example, if you run multiple Web sites, you might want to have a different AdSense account for each of those sites. Google doesn’t think that’s such a great idea.

Using AdSense on more than one Web site?

Sure you can, and here are a couple ways to do it. First, you can use the same AdSense code on all your sites, and the metrics — the tracking measurements, like number of clicks and payment for clicks — are all collected in the same report with no way to differentiate the Web site.

Adsense Ad Selection

Ads that show on your site are determined by the content of your site. Google uses a search algorithm to determine what ads are best suited for your site — an algorithm that’s quite similar to the one Google uses when you run a search query from the Google search pages or through a Web site-based search box.

How much money You can make with AdSense?

There’s just no easy answer to this question. Well, okay, there’s an easy answer — it depends. But that easy answer isn’t really useful. The problem is that several measurements impact your daily revenue from AdSense ads, such as

Unique visits: A visitor is considered unique when she visits your Web site the first time during a given period of time. Depending on the metric — the measurement used to track visitors on your Web site — that’s used, a visitor might be considered unique the first time he visits your site in a 24-hour period, the first time in a week, or the first time in an hour. For AdSense, the unique visits measurement is used to help determine the click-thru rate for ads.

What is Adsense?

AdSense is an advertising program that anyone who publishes a Web site can use to generate income for their Web site. But there’s one small condition — Google must approve your site before ads are shown on your site.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Business Planning Software

PlanHQ is a web based business plan tool that turns your static document and spreadsheet into a dynamic and up-to-date overview of where you’re going and how you’re tracking.

With PlanHQ, your business plan changes as your business changes, not just once or twice a year. Your whole team is actively involved in creating and actioning your plan and can align and prioritize all their work against company goals. This means that everyone is always working to plan and ensures you achieve your goals.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Financing a Small Business

Often times Financing a Small Business can be the hardest, most time consuming activity that a Business Owner and/or a CFO do when running a business.  Needless to say it can be the most important element of growing a business, but one must be careful not to allow it to consume the business.  How do you achieve that?

First, write a solid Business Plan that has a well developed Strategic Plan which translates into very realistic and believable Financials.  Before you can finance a business, a project, an expansion or an acquisition, you must develop precisely what your Finance needs are.  This is only accomplished initially through a good Business Plan Process.  Please refer to my Article on Business Planning for more details on this area.

Money Management

Trading risk management are simply a set of principles you follow to keep your risk at a level with which you are comfortable. There are essentially four components to setting excellent trading risk management rules Let's look at each of them in turn.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Toolbar

There are many sites which offer to download google toolbar for free including Google Official site for google toolbars, for example Softpedia, Brothersoft etc.

Google Toolbar for Chrome
Well not quite a Google Toolbar, but as close as we can get with no plugin API. Also this has a lot of the functionality of the SEOQuake addon for Firefox, so if your a webmaster or SEO these can be pretty useful for Chrome. They are used just like bookmarks, so create a new bookmark, name it something self explanitory and for the URL place the corresponding code. Until we get real webmaster or SEO tools for Google Chrome these do a pretty good job of getting around the problem.

Mobile Phone Secret Codes

So, do you want to know what version of SW do you have in your phone? IMEI number? Below we have listed some secret codes for your mobile phone. With these codes, you can check the phone's IMEI, software version, reset to default language or even deactivate the simlock (*but only in some models). Some of codes listed below must by typed without the SIM card inserted in the mobile, and some with SIM card in the phone. Please be careful with some codes as you may permanently block your mobile phone if you do not follow instructions exactly.

IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: * # 0 6 #
Net Monitor: 0 0 0 0 0 0 *

Monday, July 11, 2011

Steps To Resolve Frustrating DLL Errors

Computers have been one of the most useful tools mankind has ever invented. From very large sized machines at the time of its introduction, computers have now become very compact and user friendly. This makes most computer users confident of using computers.

Unfortunately, the error reporting mechanism of computers has not evolved to become user friendly for amateur computer users. You still encounter many error messages which may appear like an alien language to you. These errors may cause frustration, anger or even panic if you are working on a tight deadline.

One such error which you are likely to encounter on a PC running the Windows operating system is a DLL error. If you have been using computers for some time now, you may have noticed error messages popping up on your machine informing you of a particular DLL error. A common user when facing such an error may panic and reboot their computer in the hope that the error may go away. However, it is better if you understand the cause of such errors and easy ways to resolve them.

DLL refers to Dynamic Link Library. DLL files are an important part of an application or program and are vital for their proper functioning. Also, at times you may have DLL files that are shared among more than one program. A DLL error may be caused due to one of the following reasons:
  1. Removal of an important DLL file by mistake.
  2. Attempt to install an application comprising a corrupt DLL file.
  3. Problems in your hard disk.
  4. New DLL files overwriting the old files that may be incompatible with your already existing programs.
  5. Infection by spyware or virus.
There are numerous ways to resolve DLL errors. Whenever your PC warns you of a DLL error, usually it displays the name of the specific DLL file such as xvidcore.dll, msvcr71.dll or msvcrt.dll that has become corrupt or has been deleted. You can note down the file name and perform a search for this DLL file on the internet. By downloading this file and replacing the old one, you may rectify the problem.

Another easy method to correct the DLL error may be to perform a system restore. Make sure to set the date of the system restore to the day before you started encountering this error. If the DLL error does not allow your PC to start, just restart your PC in Safe mode and start system restore.

How To Clear Your Toshiba Bios Password

This Toshiba bios password removal process is meant for use on Toshiba laptops that you own or have had permission from the rightful owner to remove the password. If any of these processes are done incorrectly it may result in complete system failure or permanent system damage (you've been warned!).

Acer Bios Password Removal

If you need to remove your Acer bios password from your Travelmate 3290, then follow this guide.

Please note: This bypass procedure is similar for most Travelmate machines but it would be a good idea to consult a repair manual to check the exact details for your model first. Also, there are some basic precautions you should take when working on your laptop, have a quick look at some points to note in our general laptop repair guide.

How To Clear Your Bios Password

You might find you need to clear your bios password on your laptop if you have had the motherboard replaced or perhaps you've simply forgotten what your password is. A bios password is also often used as a hardware level security precaution, this is all good and well but if you need to bypass your password then the procedure can be difficult.

Laptop LCD Repair

If you're undertaking some laptop LCD repair, removing and replacing your screen means you are working with a very fragile and very expensive component.

Follow these steps carefully, the machine in the photos here is a Toshiba but the job is quite similar regardless of what brand machine you are working on.

How To Remove And Replace Your Laptop Hard Drive

This is a photo guide to assist you to remove and replace your laptop hard drive. In the photos here we are working on a current model Toshiba but the procedure will be similar on most laptops.
Firstly, locate the hard drive bay and remove the cover screw.
Remove the bay cover to reveal the HDD.
Gently disconnect the hard disk from its connector as shown.
Check to ensure the connector pins haven't been bent, if they have carefully bend them back into line with a small flat bladed screwdriver.
Remove the 4 screws from the harddrive bracket and take out the drive.

To replace your laptop hard drive simply reverse the steps shown above. 

How to Boot with CD Drive

CD drives that won't boot or devices that become inaccessible for no apparent reason is a common problem with laptops. There's obviously always a reason but why can vary significantly.

General hardware failure is often the cause but determining which piece of hardware it is isn’t always so black and white. A common misconception is that if your CD ROM is not recognized by your system that it's simply the CD ROM which is faulty, this isn’t always the case as laptops have fixed or board mounted connectors for these types of devices which include CD ROMs, modems, wifi cards, RAM or even the CPU.

These connectors often have fuses attached that can fail causing the hardware attached to them to lose connection from the system altogether as the connector is now dead. The device itself is in a lot of cases fine but often replaced unnecessarily.

In the situation of the connector itself being faulty you may have to replace the mainboard, a much bigger and more expensive problem to solve.

This issue can be identified by devices suddenly not being recognized by the bios, the next step to determine why your CD drive won't boot is to access your bios to fault find further. Refer to your laptop's user manual for instructions on how to do this.

Once you have accessed the bios on your machine you need to navigate through the various options to be able to view what devices the system actually recognizes as connected or active.

How To Take Your Laptop Apart

Laptop Disassembly Procedure.

This is a guide on how to take your laptop apart, it's based on one particular model and won't tell you how to take your laptop apart exactly, it's meant to be used as a general guide on how to disassemble a laptop and should be used to get an understanding of how they're put together.

This page has step by step instructions with quite a few images, it may take a few seconds to load so please be patient.

How To Test Your Notebook

On this page we've covered a few techniques to test your notebook for properly functioning components.

Optical Drive Issues: (DVD/CDRW or CD/DVD or DVDRW)

Not a lot of testing required here, most of the time they work or they don’t. In the case of cd burning issues, ensure you try different media if you are having problems with disc’s failing mid burn, reinstalling or using different burning software is a must as well.

If you have a removable drive always try and reseat the drive (eject and plug back in) this can often work, the drive may have moved in transit.

FDD drives:

Issues with floppy drives are often terminal and will 90% of the time result in replacing the entire drive, more often faults with these drives are mechanical ones which causes the drive to no longer read discs.

Network and Modem:

To test your notebook for internal network and modem issues is quite simple. For modems just ensure everything is connected properly and you have an available phone line. Use Windows own HyperTerminal (Start/Programs/Accessories/Communications) to create a test dialup to your cell phone or additional phone line. If this still fails, uninstall and then reinstall the modem from Device Manager.

Most of the notebook modems are a separate little module that in most cases is easily replaced if after all this testing you still have no luck.

Network cards are generally a part of modern day motherboards so if yours is faulty you may want to look at a PCMCIA network card as a cheaper option.

Sound issues:

If have a problem with your laptop's sound system there are a couple of ways to test your notebook to determine if it is indeed the sound chipset which is faulty.

Laptop MotherBoard Repair And Diagnosis

All we can say about laptop motherboard repair is that unless you have some of the latest diagnostic equipment, a test jig, ESD setup workshop, an array of tools, digital multi meters and an oscilloscope then don’t think you can narrow down your fault diagnosis to the exact component that is causing your laptop to misbehave... nobody has that much time.

What I can also say is that even your local authorised repair centre for all the brand name laptops don’t go to this much trouble either. I have personally been present for a number of different manufacturers service calls and witnessed how they operate.

How To Repair Your Laptop Power Plug

It's almost inevitable that you'll need to repair your laptop power plug if you own a Toshiba Satellite A70 unless you've already had the main board replaced in which Toshiba have applied a well overdue modification similar to what you’ll see here.

The DC jacks on these units are weakened over time with general use and become unstable and loose, in some cases detaching themselves from the main board altogether.

Laptop Headphone Jack Repair

Laptop headphone jack repair is a common repair job and can be the result of general wear and tear or a mishap with the jack, what happens a lot is that the headphones are inserted and the plug gets removed roughly or pulled to one side, accidently dislodging or damaging the headphone jack solder points.

Laptop Battery Life - Myths And Realities

Laptop battery life is a topic that results in more support calls than any other topic, manufacturers world wide jump would for joy if they could put to rest the myth and expectations around the laptop battery life of their machines. But it is my opinion that this resolve needs to begin with the manufacturers themselves.

Need To Repair Your Laptop Battery?

OK, bad news first. There isn't much you can do to repair your laptop battery. There are companies that claim they can do what they call repacking or reconditioning but what you will find is the end result may not be worth the money spent on this service, not to mention that laptop manufacturers don’t recommend the practice.

How To Format Your Laptop's Hard Drive

Deciding to format your laptop's hard drive is the best way to give your machine back that new car smell and get rid of all those little bugs the laptop has picked up through months of internet browsing and random installs of freeware.

Performing such a task on modern laptops is easy. Most laptop vendors supply either a set of recovery CD’s with the machine or the laptop itself has a recovery partition on the HDD preinstalled.

Some laptops require you to make a set of recovery cd's using a utility on the machine (an important thing to put on your to do list when setting up a new laptop!).

Once again all vendors have their own method of initialising the recovery or reformat process but here are some examples.
  • Some Toshiba notebooks have bootable recovery CD’s, holding down the "C" key from boot will do it.
  • Some HP’s use "F11" on boot to start the process. Others use bootable CD’s.
  • Most Acers have a bootable CD, then an OS CD and a files and drivers disc.
  • IBM also uses the bootable CD method.
Refer to the owners manual for the particular method for your notebook.
Reformatting your laptop will erase data on the hard drive so ensure you backup first. Advise anybody working on or repairing your laptop not to format the HDD during the repair unless it is backed up first, this happens all too often. It's a good policy to always backup your machine before having any sort of repair done.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery may be something you need to undertake if your laptop won't boot from the drive or makes a loud ticking or grinding noise, not a lot can be done apart from replacing the laptop hard drive entirely.

Your options here are limited and generally involves attempting some data recovery if you need to retrieve something off the faulty drive.

Hard drive replacement for your laptop

A hard drive replacement for your laptop will be a common issue that will continue to plague the laptop owners and operators of the world until the laptop hard drive technology moves to solid state drives, as long as there are moving parts inside that harddisk we will have to put up with head crashes and bad sectors. That’s not to say that any new technology won't have a whole new array of unseen or even unheard of errors and problems.. not giving you a lot of confidence in your data storage am I.

I have one word of advice.. BACKUPS.

OK, back to the info…

A hard drive replacement for your laptop is generally one of the easier jobs to do yourself unless you have one of the makes and models of laptop that doesn’t provide easy access to the harddisk, hiding it away under the palm rest or worse still mounting it to the main board. Luckily there are not a lot of these and most of the laptop makers now recognise the need to have access to the drive for various reasons.

Replacing a drive is simple.. generally you can remove 1 screw from the HDD cavity or enclosure and the drive can be removed by sliding it out.

Once the harddisk is removed it will have some sort of aluminium case or frame that it screws into which will need to be removed and fitted to the new drive. This step is essential to your laptop hard drive repair or the drive won't slide back in properly and possibly bend the pins if you try and insert it.. this is bad.
Some drives have a HDD connector cover on the pins which also needs to be removed and put on the new drive. See below.
HDD with connector on a Toshiba Tecra 9000.

Be gentle when re-inserting the new drive, damage to the pins can be a painful affair. If you insert the drive and the laptop doesn’t boot try removing it and re-inserting as the pins may be misaligned.

Keep in mind too that new laptop hard drives are shipped un-partitioned and not formatted just the same as normal IDE drives, hopefully you still have your recovery CD’s that came with your laptop, if not don’t worry you can use a Windows CD to rebuild your laptop from scratch and then access the internet at some stage to download drivers specific to your laptop (generally available from the laptop manufacturer's website).

Laptop overheating?

Laptop Overheating Issues:
Does your laptop shutdown at random? Does it slow down during heavy operations? Do you need to wait 10 min. before you can start it up again? These are all the symptoms of a laptop overheating problem in or around the cooling system.

What needs to be remembered is that a lot of the current laptops on the market today are running specifications that traditionally were reserved for desktops. Some even contain desktop CPU’s and a kick ass cooling system to match. Take a look at the cooling modules in some of the current Toshiba notebooks.

Anyhow, in order for these CPU’s to perform they have to be kept as cool as possible so manufacturers like Toshiba, Compaq/HP and the like struggle with the limited space and power to do this, hence they have had some laptop overheating issues.

If your laptop does show some of the symptoms mentioned before here’s what you can do..

On the under side of a lot of the machines you can gain access to the CPU/cooling module compartment, be warned – when tinkering around near the CPU, electro static discharge may be your worst nightmare - be careful to control ESD. Once you have located where the fan is you will be able to see quite clearly if this is your issue.. take a look below.

1: Heat sink
2: Fan

The heat sink runs off to the right of this picture and sits on the CPU, you can see the copper pipe running to the CPU here (1).

The fan and the heat sink have a small gap in between them, this is where dust will be sucked into and will accumulate.

Cleaning Your Laptop Screen

A question asked by a lot of laptop owners is "What's the best way to go about cleaning your laptop screen?".
You'll find all sorts of different opinions on the subject, here's ours.

A few things to note..
  • Don’t use anything abrasive on the screen, either to clean it or to wipe with.
  • Never spray anything directly on the screen.

Need To Repair Your Laptop Hinge

If you need to repair your laptop hinge it will usually be because your screen is loose and refuses to remain upright or when the hinges themselves crack or break under the repetitive strain of opening and closing.

This is often caused by the hinges themselves being too rigid or missing base screws. So check your base screws are in place and screwed in securely. When base screws are missing, particularly the main structural screws located in the corners of the base assembly, the load from the hinges isn’t sufficiently transferred across the hinge and base assembly, hence the hinges will have to bear the load and wear prematurely.

A lot of hinges are made of cast metal leaving no room for flexing and bending. The image below shows the cover assembly from a Toshiba Satellite A10 just to give you an idea of what it looks like inside.

The arrow indicates where the problem will normally occur, the teeth on the fixed arm will shear off over time making the screen very loose, these cannot be repaired and involve changing the cover assembly. This is probably the best way to do it as instead of a laptop hinge repair, you get a whole new cover and your laptop ends up looking like a new one.


Backlight and Inverter problems:

Well people, laptop screen repair will be something you will no doubt need info on at some point in your laptop's life... The symptoms are that the laptop display panel will flicker and then appear to switch off, but if you look closely you can still see a very faint image on the panel, almost like peering through the dark, this is because the backlight isn't lit.

Broken off Laptopkeys??

Whoops, these are a difficult one to fix and once again often end in having to replace the keyboard entirely. Some very small plastic mounting arms hold the keys in place and are often broken, either that or the little clips that the mounting arms click into break. It's handy to have or get a hold of an old keyboard of the same type in order to poach the parts you need.

You may need some tweezers and a steady hand to fix these. The best thing I can suggest is to gently remove one of the other keys to see exactly how the mounting arms sit, once you have an idea of how it should look grab those tweezers and be patient, it may take some time.

We will soon have some detailed photos showing how these are assembled, until then remember to be patient and gentle.

How to replace a laptop keyboard

Keyboard removal is relatively simple, most keyboards are held in place with a couple of screws, and in some models, also a couple of screws that may need to be removed from the base of the unit. A quick call to your local authorized laptop computer repairer should help to determine what screws need to be removed (if they know their stuff).

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Laptop keyboard repair is one of the more common jobs performed on laptops, it's also one of the easier repairs to carry out providing the following hasn't happened.

A spill of anything but water on a keyboard will 9 times out of 10 leave you in a situation that involves replacing the keyboard all together.

Keyboards are manufactured in such a way that leaves little to no room to clean out messy spills.

Basically any liquid containing sugar (soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee or tea) are bad news...

A couple of laptop keyboard repair do’s and don’ts in the event of a spill..

DON’T panic. Panic makes us do stupid things, think before you react.

DON’T use a hairdryer to dry out a spill...melted keys are hard to type with.

DON’T tilt the machine upside down or on its side (if you do feel the need it's better to tilt it to the side that houses the CDROM as the CDROM area inside the machine has less components on it than the mainboard).

DO switch the machine off immediately and resist switching it back on until you're certain the spill has dried. Survey the damage after you've dried it out. At this point you could remove the keyboard and try the machine using an external keyboard to see if anything else has been affected.

This diagram shows what a basic keyboard looks like, the ribbon cable which connects the keyboard to the motherboard is indicated by the red arrow.

Laptop Repairing Precautions

Please don’t do laptop computer repair without going through this tutorial first. I’ll guide you how you can keep yourself away from making costly mistakes that could lead your laptop computer useless.

First of all have a good understanding of what it is you need to do and what you might need in the way of tools. A big mistake people make is to sit down with a part and their laptop and use whatever they have around to open up the laptop and replace the part.

What you should try and have before you start..
  • 1 x Philips Head Screwdriver type 0
  • 1 x Philips Head Screwdriver type 1
  • Tweezers ( long nose )
  • ESD mat or grounded ESD wrist strap (ElectroStatic Discharge)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A Teflon wedge or splade

Letter selling membership in health center

Ms. Ellen P. Thrall
908 Visitation Drive
Hawthorne, Massachusetts 09087

Dear Ms. Thrall:

Welcome to Hawthorne. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your new community. We at The Hawthorne Fitness Club feel that Hawthorne is a great place to live and work.

The Hawthorne Fitness Club has been part of this community for more than 25 years. Our facilities include two gyms, an Olympic-size swimming pool, two weight rooms (one especially designed for women), a Nautilus Center, locker rooms for men, women, and children, a jogging track, six racquetball and handball courts, four squash courts, an exercise studio, and a drop-in nursery and preschool center. We have more than 100 program offerings from which to choose.

Transmittal With Information

A thank-you/sales letter to a client that includes requested information provides ongoing client contact.

September 21, 20XX

Janet Kirby
Alvarez Advertising
10253 W. Higgins Road, Suite 600
Rosemont, IL 60018

Dear Janet:

You made a wise decision by including Working Women’s Guide in your marketing plans for Mor-PEP! Thank you for your order.

Working Women’s Guide provides the most effective way to reach this big-volume market. Readership is unexcelled, as shown by the recent Starch WOMEN’S Study.

Follow-up membership offer

Mr. Rodney McDonnell
McDonnell Associates
11 Tepler Drive
South Zane, Illinois 45454

Dear Rodney:

It was a pleasure to see you at the South Zane Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours Club (BAHC) cohosted by South Zane Inn and the East Zane Medical Group. The BAHC is one of our most successful programs. It was created to provide a relaxed social atmosphere in which our members can network with other professionals.

Transmittal With Suggestion

This letter covers technical information briefly and refers to additional service possibilities. Again, allow the enclosures to handle the details of technical material. Use the cover letter to summarize or highlight only

December 10, 20XX

Linda Maple
77 Cherry Brook Terr.
Burlington, NC 27218

Dear Linda:

Your projection for the possible Grantor-Retained Income Trust (GRIT) is included with this letter.

You may also want to investigate Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs) and Grantor-Retained Unitrusts (GRUTs). I have taken the liberty of including a pamphlet describing these options in more detail.

Letter extending membership

Mr. Joseph Y. Smith
Ventilating Experts
45 Archie Way
Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 34343

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thanks for your inquiry about membership in the Associated Ventilators of America. In the interests of providing more adequate services to AVA members, the National Plumbers Club has assimilated the AVA membership as a special division of NPC.
As a ventilation professional you will receive not only all of the NPC services, but also special market information and other news relating specifically to ventilation. You will also have an opportunity to be listed in the Plumbing Professionals Directory for a small fee.

Transmittal With Request

When you must send material and make a request for other material, use a cover letter such as this. Each exchange of information is part of the sales strategy. Keep all technical
discussions brief in the letter, with further explanation in the enclosures.

February 16, 20XX

Joseph P. Harlow, Ph.D.
Defense Engineering
784 Trinity Dr.
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Dear Dr. Harlow:

Your inquiry regarding our services is welcome. I am enclosing a brochure that will summarize our optics program for infrared conductors and the surface lab work we do.

Letter selling customer additional services


Mr. Brian Palay
Purchasing Manager
Grand Forks Opera House
Grand Forks, Nebraska 09009

Dear Mr. Palay:

It’s been a real pleasure working with you over the past several years at the Grand Forks Opera House to provide you with high-quality performance programs for each of the operas you have staged. We think you’ll agree that we’ve delivered high-quality goods at prices that fit your budget.

Now we are expanding our services to offer you assistance in designing and printing souvenir programs for your productions as well. These four-color books can be tailored to the production you’re presenting and can give your patrons a lasting remembrance of a wonderful experience at your opera house.

We are making a special offer on these souvenir programs to our regular customers. For orders of 2,000 or more, we are offering a 20% discount on our published prices. We’ll work with you to design the programs, and once we have the design complete we guarantee that we’ll have the programs printed and in your hands within seven working days.

Complicated Instructional Letter

Complicated instructions can be handled in a cover letter such as this one. Part of each sale is to get the reader/buyer to perform an action that brings him closer to the close of the sale or resale.

Letter selling an educational seminar

Mr. Samuel Johnson
Missoula Accounting Services
Missoula, Montana 89898

Dear Mr. Johnson:

Never before have accountants faced so many compliance issues. Countless questions have arisen and often accountants have difficulty knowing where to turn for correct answers to these questions.

To meet that challenge of compliance, you should plan to attend the Tenth Annual Southwest Accountants Group Compliance Seminar. Our compliance committee has developed a program that will answer many of your questions and help you establish personal contacts for future assistance.

Announcing a Price Increase

February 22, 20XX

Harry C. Marker
Card Distributors, Ltd.
11 Fillmore
Atlanta, GA 30325

Dear Mr. Marker:

Your satisfaction is important to us. In order to continue to produce a high-quality product, we have recently installed new high-speed, high-definition printing presses.

This, along with the increased price of paper, has forced us to increase our prices by 10 percent effective March 15. I have enclosed a brochure with the new prices in it for your benefit. Orders received before March 15 will be filled at current prices.

Letter welcoming new subscriber

Ms. Jane Thomson
Brian, David & Lauren, Inc.
55 Congregation Drive
Boonton, Massachusetts 12543

Dear Ms. Thomson:

We’re delighted to welcome you as a subscriber to The Armchair Reader’s Review.

Please take a moment to review the enclosed invoice to make sure we have recorded your name and address properly. If any corrections are necessary, please make the changes on the portion of the invoice you return with your payment.

Announcing New Products to a Select Group of Customers

October 30, 20XX

Caroline M. Ness
R.R. 3
Gowrie, IA 50337

Dear Ms. Ness:

Ft. Dodge Appliances is pleased to announce our new line of Wonder Work Appliances. We are now the authorized Wonder Work dealer for Ft. Dodge.

Letter selling subscription renewal

Mr. Erik Hane
1045 Snarcross Plaza
Roswell, Georgia 11583

Dear Mr. Hane:

Our message to you is brief, but important: Your subscription to The Armchair Reader’s Review will expire soon and we haven’t heard from you about renewing.

We’re sure you don’t want to miss even one issue. Renew now to ensure that your subscription will continue uninterrupted. You’ll guarantee yourself continued delivery of the excellent features, fiction, and insight that make The Armchair Reader’s Review the fastest growing journal in America.

Announcing a Sales Campaign to Selected Customers

January 19, 20XX
Max Castle
Heavenly Daze Antiques
Wiloughby, NH 03308

Dear Mr. Castle:

Green Mountain Antiques Wholesale will hold its Winter Sale February 12-16.

As a preferred customer, you are invited to attend a pre-sale showing on February 11, with discounts up to 50 percent on specially marked items. We feel this is just one small way that we can repay you for all your business over the years.

Letter selling a subscription

Ms. Jane Kinneally
1978 Malden Place
Summit, New Jersey 01005

Dear Ms. Kinneally:

For a very limited time—and only to a select, qualified group—I’m authorized to send the next issue of The Armchair Reader’s Review absolutely free.

Letter for Announcing a Sales Campaign

September 15, 20XX

Marlene T. Thompson
Director of Sales
Omni-Optical Co.
334 S. 114th Ave.
Dallas, TX 75218

Dear Ms. Thompson:

Unlimited View will start its winter sales campaign on November 1.

In the past, this campaign has enabled Omni-Optical to offer its customers a wide selection of products at very competitive prices. It is an outstanding way to attract new customers and build traffic for your business. I have enclosed a sheet explaining all of the particulars along with our latest catalog.

Letter selling consumer service

Ms. Joanne Wagner
456 Allegheny Road
Southside, New Jersey 09090

Dear Ms. Wagner:

There is not a single reason why you should now be using Blotto Laundry Service. Because anything Blotto can do, Spotless Laundry’s professionals can do better—for less. And if you switch to Spotless before April 30, 20X3, you’ll receive a free week of laundry service.

Reminder That a Sale Is About to End

April 25, 20XX

Grant W. Werner
Rural Habitats
R.R. 3
Wiltonshire, NH 03104

Dear Mr. Werner:

It hardly seems possible, but there is only one week left in our annual Eastertide Sale. Our letter announcing the sale arrived four weeks ago. It seems like yesterday.

It’s still not too late to take advantage of this gigantic sale. The prices this last week are being slashed in half. Come in and take a look at what we have to offer. Our entire sales staff is ready to work with you and Rural Habitats.

Letter selling business product


Mr. John Hill
327 Richmond Avenue
San Diego, California 90006

Dear Mr. Hill:

The full learning blog, contains virtually every business letter you’ll ever need to write—more than 365 model business letters in all.

The new edition of full learning blog Letters shows you how to write effective letters and memos that get the results you want. By taking advantage of our 15-day free trial offer, you can see those results immediately.

You’ll get dozens of new sales, marketing, and customer service letters that are ready to use. The full learning blog Letters covers the broad range of correspondence handled in almost every business setting. There are tools for salespeople, personnel directors, assistants, and managers. This convenient and comprehensive guide will help you, your staff, and your colleagues write results-oriented letters quickly and correctly.
These are actual letters used by businesses that are proven effective. Each sample was selected for its ability to generate positive results, as well as for its use of language and correct format and grammatical structure.

In addition to the many sample letters, The full learning blog Business Letters provides information on the fundamentals of good letter writing—from planning and formatting to phrasing and closing letters. You’ll learn techniques that enhance and improve communication and make all of your correspondence more effective.

The appendixes are packed with practical aids that are useful to all letter writers—the Grammar Hotline Directory, tips on correct usage of commonly confused words, rules of punctuation, and a list of abbreviations used in business.

The full learning blog Business Letters is convenient, comprehensive, and can help you get the results you want from your letters and memos. Send for your 15-day free examination copy today. Just mail in the enclosed order card to receive your copy. Use it for 15 days and see for yourself how much time you save and how easy it is to write letters that produce positive results.

Confirming Sales Order

June 18, 20XX

Ellen Rhymer
Make Believe Catalog Company
P.O. Box 5217
Amity, OR 97101

Dear Ms. Rhymer:

Thank you for your order of 200 Treasure Trunks from Mom’s Magic. I believe you will be very satisfied with the quality of costume pieces included in each. It is this quality which makes my imaginative play apparel so unique.

Consumer Product Sales Letter


Warren Laylor
78 Andover Street
Alabaster, Kansas 90909

Dear Mr. Laylor:

Because you’re a valued customer, I’ve been authorized to make you this very special offer: For a limited time only, you can save 50% when you buy 4 pairs of Slacks Favorites slightly imperfect men’s slacks!

Sales Follow-Up

February 15, 20XX

Marlene T. Thompson
Director of Sales
Omni-Optical Co.
334 S. 114th Avenue
Dallas, TX 75218

Dear Ms. Thompson:

Letter to new contact at client company


Ms. Catherine Serven
Vice President
Boonton Labor Services
312 West Main Street
Boonton, Vermont 90909

Dear Ms. Serven:

Congratulations on being named chief operating officer for Boonton Labor Services. I’m really looking forward to working with you to help ensure that the employee leasing services we provide are tailored to meet your needs as you lead your company into the future.

Requesting Customer’s Assistance

March 17, 20XX

Terrance Reilly
Box 557
Camden Creek, SC 29625

Dear Mr. Reilly:

I would like your help in solving a problem that people in businesses such as yours have.
Each year, businesses that sell medical supplies are faced with hundreds of new products. We would like your assistance in answering the enclosed survey.

By doing so, you will let us know how we can best serve you.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

Susan Crooms
Vice President

Letter introducing existing company and its Services

Ms. Eliza Gruber
Long & Berrigan
200 Andover Street
Bar Harbor, Michigan 67892

Dear Ms. Gruber:

I am pleased to enclose a copy of a recently published ‘‘tombstone’’ advertisement covering selected corporate finance transactions completed during the past year by our corporate finance department. As indicated in the advertisement, we provided a variety of services to our Michigan public and private clients, including:

Delinquent Reply

October 2, 20XX

Barry Wu
Wu’s Gardens
558 Magnolia
Garden City, NJ 08638

Dear Mr. Wu:

Just a reminder: I recently sent you a computer printout of a proposal of health insurance for your employees.

I have attached another printout for your convenience and hope that you will take the time to review it. As you can see, we offer a competitive package. Plans A and B are especially responsive to your needs.

Letter from new salesperson

Ms. Patsy Palay
Palay Sporting Goods
139 Howard Place
Carfer, West Virginia 26000

Dear Ms. Palay:

I am your new Glorious Racquets sales representative. I arrived in the territory about a month ago and have been working with my predecessor, Bob Sheffield, to familiarize myself with both the territory and all of the dealers in it.

If you should ever need to reach me when I am on the road, feel free to have me paged. The phone number for my paging service is 617-555-3232. To have me paged:
Dial the pager number on a touch-tone telephone.
When you hear the tone, punch in your telephone number.
After you have entered your number, push the pound ([1]) button.
Hang up your telephone.

Follow-Up on Letter Sent

December 1, 20XX
Richard Patterson
789 Winterwood Lane
St. Joseph, MO 64503

Dear Mr. Patterson:

On November 10, I sent you a letter describing our newest product. Did you receive the letter? I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and explain the unique features of Vu-More and its benefits to you.

Letter introducing new salesperson


Mr. Lawrence Volpe, Treasurer
Boonton Medical Center
100 Harlan Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 54321

Dear Mr. Volpe:

Last week I mentioned to you that I am being promoted to vice president at Gleechie Medical Equipment Supply Company. Taking over my territory as your sales representative will be Felicia Mamet. Felicia has been with Gleechie for four years in our Indiana office.

Felicia and I will be in your area on May 25 and 26. We would like to take some time on one of those two evenings to take you and Mark McIntyre to dinner and a baseball game. I’m hoping that this will give both of you the chance to get to know Felicia.

Letter of Introduction

November 22, 20XX

Carl N. White
Lobster Trappers Ltd.
Box 65
Kepaquadick Cove, ME 04103

Dear Carl:

I am happy to introduce our new sales representative, Terry King, to you. Terry will be in charge of servicing your account. Terry is a graduate of the University of Maine and holds a degree in Sales and Marketing. For the last five years he has worked as a salesman for Boston Fisheries and Equipment. We are proud to have him on our staff and are sure he will be able to give you the kind of service you have come to expect from Sea Lanes.

Thank-you letter for New account


Ms. Mercer Gary
Vice President
McGuffie-Modugno Enterprises
43 Fletcher Street
Punxatawney, Pennsylvania 43434

Dear Ms. Gary:

Thank you for opening your charge account at Boonton Garment Shop. We will mail you monthly account statements that will provide you with current outstanding charges and interest information.

Sales Letter to Existing Client

September 10, 20XX

John L. Hoffman
United Services Bank
P.O. Box 8976
San Francisco, CA 94133

Dear Mr. Hoffman:

This afternoon I spoke with Don Smith at the United Services Bank in Berkeley. During our conversation, Don mentioned that the bank uses a local CPA firm to maintain its book depreciation records.

Since we prepare the tax return for United Services Bank, it would seem to make sense for us to maintain both systems. We would incur some set-up cost; however, this would be recouped over a relatively short period through efficiencies in running both depreciation systems through one software package.

Full Block Sample Letter

Mr. Alexander Campbell
Bethany Bagel Company
14 Pendleton Road
Scots, Pennsylvania 00012

Dear Mr. Campbell:

The records you requested are enclosed. Due to the technical difficulties we have in processing microfilm, I am unable to provide better quality copies. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If I can be of any further assistance, please call me or another customer service representative on our toll-free number 1-800-555-1212.

Sales Letter to Client

August 15, 20XX
Fred E. Sherman, Secretary
The Paramount Institute
P.O. Box 323
Orlando, FL 32822

Dear Mr. Sherman:

Just a note to introduce myself and to let you know of the Waverley Hotel’s interest in the 20XX meeting plans of the Paramount Institute. The Waverley Hotel contains 674 newly redecorated guest rooms; this includes 12 double room suites.

The hotel is located in the heart of Chicago, only 30 minutes from Midway airport. Our three four-star restaurants offer our guests variety in menu selection and atmosphere. Our 36,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space include the city’s largest ballroom and the largest on-site exhibition hall.

Response to Job Application Letter

Mr. Michael Krauss
69 Camran Terrace
Norristown, Pennsylvania 02134


Mr. Krauss, thank you for your recent employment application. We are complimented that you would consider the Bethany Bagel Company as a place of employment.

Approaching Prospective Lead

December 4, 20XX

Terrance O’Toole
Golfers Teed Off
870 C. Street
Walla Walla, WA 98661

Dear Mr. O’Toole:

You and your firm have been recommended by Cal Gonzonles of Fore, Inc. Cal indicated that you may be interested in the line of products that we have, particularly our new Golflite line. I have enclosed our latest catalog.

Business letter with personal tone

Mr. Bertrand R. Levine
Levine’s Lumber Land
P.O. Box 567
Richmond, South Dakota 34345

Dear Mr. Levine:

Welcome! Your account at Nilges Wood Supply has been approved. We are proud to have you as a customer.

Letter of Appointment

January 25, 20XX

Linda Montgomery, Manager
A-1 Cleaners
2903 Burresh St.
Lincoln, NE 68506

Dear Ms. Montgomery:

I will be in Lincoln on February 3 and would like to meet with you at your office to discuss cleaning supplies you may need in the second half of the year.

Letter of Appology for Lost Document

August 4, 20XX

Mrs. Franklin
5930 E. 46th St.
Colesville, MD 20901

Dear Mrs. Franklin:

Your patience has been bountiful. When we last spoke on Friday, I had not yet located your payment. I have credited $45.89 to your account today. Our policy states that one percent interest (APR) is accrued on the last workday of the month on any account balance.

Thank You for Payment

April 19, 20XX

Vern Mueller
13245 Greenwood Lane
Overland Park, KS 66213

Dear Mr. Mueller:

Thank you for your payment of $563.89. Your current balance is $3,000 — your credit limit. A payment of $500 is due May 1.

Cheque Bounce Case Letter

August 13, 20XX

Tim Blackwell, President
Blackwell Builders
98 Diego Dr.
Durham, NC 27713

Dear Mr. Blackwell:

Thank you for your July 28 payment, check #1429 for $200. nfortunately, it was returned by your bank because of insufficient funds.

Final Reminder for Payment Collection

December 1, 20XX

Ted Wilson
515 Ramey Ct.
Laramie, WY 82063

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Your bill of $319.04 is now 90 days overdue.

The total amount is due now.

If your payment in full is not received by December 10, your ile will be turned over to a collection agency.


Mary West
Credit Manager

Letter for Payment Deadline

August 5, 20XX

Ted Wilson
515 Ramey Ct.
Laramie, WY 82063

Dear Mr. Wilson:

We have not yet received your payments. This is to remind you that both your first and second payments of $100 are now overdue. This $200 plus the balance of $119.04 is due on August 15.

Payment Overdue Letter

July 5, 20XX

Ted Wilson
515 Ramey Ct.
Laramie, WY 82063

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Thank you for shopping with us. You are a valued customer. We appreciate your business and know that you want to keep your account current with us.

Letter of Appreciation

October 2, 20XX
Lance Smith, Director
Terrance Trucking
P.O. Box 4440
Houston, TX 34598-4440

Dear Mr. Alex,

Thank you for your conscientious service. All 15 of your last shipments have arrived undamaged. We have never contracted with a supplier with as fine a record as yours. We appreciate the extra effort it takes to ship our order intact and on time.

Certification Letter

Certificate of Origin

To Whom it May Concern

This is to certify that all parts and accessories supplied through Invoice No. EG/04/2011 dated 4th July 2011 are of Japan Origin.

Condolence Letter

Dear Sir,

It is with profound grief that we have received the news of the tragic loss of human lives, numerous injuries and human suffering caused by the devastating earthquake & Tsunami in Northern Japan.

Query Letter

Queen Light Electronic Industries Ltd,
Attn: Manager Sales / Exports

Dear Sir,

We are importers and distributors of Industrial Machines and accessories for garments and textile sector.

At present we have requirement for Fusing Machine for one of our customer who is manufacturing Tshirts and Pants.

Authorization Letter Sample

I would like to inform you that I have been leaving abroad on 1st of July 2011, due to which I would be unable to receive my dues in person.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google Adsense alternative

Google adsense is one of the best online money making program but there are some restrictions and conditions which not every one can fulfill, that is why people often ask what are google adsense alternatives. Below are some of it, these are not as good as Google Adsense as pay per click rate is lower but still works for many.
1. AdBrite : Adbrite is

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

IPAD 2 Apple’s Next Generation Product

Less in your hands moare at your fingertips. Ipad is now 33% thinner and upto 15% ligher . you will feel the difference when you pick it up. And when you just can’t put down.

X-37B Launched

US Air Force has launched a small-size prototype X-37b space plane without a crew second. Interior Products uncle Sam became a secret X-37B program. Next generation Spaceplane X-37B was developed nearly a decade whith Air Force, Aeronautical Space Agency and the U.S. (NASA), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The  prototypes made Boeing’s Phantom Works branch in Huntington Beach, California.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Trawl monitoring system GEONET/DATANET
GEONET enables to position and control the fishing gear with accuracy, to facilitate the piloting near the rocks or the wrecks, to know the trawl doors spread, to lower your fuel consumption, to increase the effectiveness, the profitability of the ship and the safety of the men.

Toyota Recall for Software Re-Installation

Toyota is planning to recall approximately 400,000 of Prius hybrid cars for replacement of software which controls the antilock braking system (ABS.

Previously large number of drivers  in many cities have complained about poor braking performance under some conditions. It will see new software loaded into the car that should improve braking while ABS is active at low speeds, the company said.

Toyota customers were concerned and were sending the cars to dealers in order to resolve the problem completely.  At issue is a reduction in braking performance when the brakes are softly applied while the car is driving on slippery surfaces such as snow, ice, or even road surfaces that have been painted over.

In normal driving conditions, the cars use hydraulic brakes and a regenerative braking system to recover energy as they slow down, but when the ABS cuts in, the cars switch to hydraulic braking only, which can result in reduced braking performance and a longer stopping distance. Toyota didn't say how much longer that distance could be.

The problem only occurs under soft braking, Toyota said. Applying increased pressure on the brake pedal when ABS is in operation will give better brake performance, the company said.

The new software, already being installed in vehicles in production, will reduce the ABS response time, Toyota said. Toyoda said he had experienced the problem, which he called "a moment of anxiety," himself while driving a Prius on a Toyota test track. "The vehicle will stop if you apply pressure," he said.

The recall prolongs an unprecedented spell for Toyota in which the safety of its cars has been in the spotlight. Last month the company initiated a global recall of some of its cars due to problems with the accelerator pedal.

"Let me assure everyone that we will redouble our commitment to quality as a lifeline of our company," said Toyoda. "With myself taking the lead and keeping to the genchi genbutsu principle all of us at Toyota will tackle the issue in close cooperation with our dealers and our suppliers. Together, we will do everything in our power to regain the confidence of our customers

Installation of this new system began this month on Toyota Camry and Lexus ES350 models, which make up a large portion of vehicles included in the recall.

This initiative follows a recall of 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the United States to fix the problem. Toyota stated the problem was due to floor mats becoming lodged under accelerator pedals; however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that floor mats were not necessarily the only cause.  These instances of unexpected accelerations have resulted in several injurious and, in some cases, fatal crashes.