Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter selling membership in health center

Ms. Ellen P. Thrall
908 Visitation Drive
Hawthorne, Massachusetts 09087

Dear Ms. Thrall:

Welcome to Hawthorne. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your new community. We at The Hawthorne Fitness Club feel that Hawthorne is a great place to live and work.

The Hawthorne Fitness Club has been part of this community for more than 25 years. Our facilities include two gyms, an Olympic-size swimming pool, two weight rooms (one especially designed for women), a Nautilus Center, locker rooms for men, women, and children, a jogging track, six racquetball and handball courts, four squash courts, an exercise studio, and a drop-in nursery and preschool center. We have more than 100 program offerings from which to choose.

To help you meet new friends and get started in a program of health, fun, and fitness, we are offering you a free 30-day family or individual membership.

Just fill out the enclosed application, bring it to the Club, and receive your complimentary membership card and schedule of activities. Then you can begin to enjoy your new membership.

Again, welcome to the Hawthorne area. If you need additional information, please phone me at 555-6666.

Simon Thorn
Executive Director

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