Monday, July 11, 2011

Cleaning Your Laptop Screen

A question asked by a lot of laptop owners is "What's the best way to go about cleaning your laptop screen?".
You'll find all sorts of different opinions on the subject, here's ours.

A few things to note..
  • Don’t use anything abrasive on the screen, either to clean it or to wipe with.
  • Never spray anything directly on the screen.
  • Always dilute any commercial cleaner you may choose.
  • Clean your screen while it is off, shutdown the system.
  • Don’t believe everything you are told in forums, some of the dumbest and most ill informed information is communicated via forums. During my research into this topic I have come across people suggesting that beer would be an option as a cleaner because it contains alcohol!!
  • Be gentle with any wiping or rubbing while you're cleaning, laptop screens are very fragile and if you break your LCD its going to cost you a bundle to replace it, they cannot be repaired if you crack them.
  • It may be a good idea to remove any rings or bracelets you have beforehand as well.

We often use a diluted dishwashing liquid or mild soap mix and warm water, use a lightly dampened cloth like a CHUX or Handy Wipe, make sure it's only just damp not dripping.

We have also tried some of those pre-moistened wipes but they seem to leave a fine film on the LCD unless you follow up the wipe with a dry lint free cloth.

This is what a Toshiba laptop manual recommends for cleaning your laptop screen -

'If the panel's surface gets dirty, wipe it with cotton or a soft cloth. If it is still dirty, try breathing on the screen to create a light condensate and wipe it again.

If the surface is very dirty, we recommend a CRT cleaning agent. Apply the agent to a cloth and then wipe the panel's surface. Do not apply cleanser directly to the panel.'

When cleaning your laptop screen, just remember to be gentle, clean it regularly and avoid touching it to keep it clean in the first place. 

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