Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheque Bounce Case Letter

August 13, 20XX

Tim Blackwell, President
Blackwell Builders
98 Diego Dr.
Durham, NC 27713

Dear Mr. Blackwell:

Thank you for your July 28 payment, check #1429 for $200. nfortunately, it was returned by your bank because of insufficient funds.

I’m returning the check to you for your review. Please send a payment this week after you reconcile this matter with your bank. If we receive your payment by August 31, you will avoid accruing additional interest charges on your outstanding balance with us.

Your continued patronage is important to us. We appreciate your good payment record in the past year. We know that you, too, will be happy when this situation is resolved. If I
can help, just call me at 800-555-1234.


Jackie Quentin

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