Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter welcoming new subscriber

Ms. Jane Thomson
Brian, David & Lauren, Inc.
55 Congregation Drive
Boonton, Massachusetts 12543

Dear Ms. Thomson:

We’re delighted to welcome you as a subscriber to The Armchair Reader’s Review.

Please take a moment to review the enclosed invoice to make sure we have recorded your name and address properly. If any corrections are necessary, please make the changes on the portion of the invoice you return with your payment.

If you plan to be away for a month or longer, we will be glad to change your address label so you’ll receive The Armchair Reader’s Review at your temporary address. Delivery can always be suspended for a week or so while you are away and started again when you return. We’ll credit your subscription so you receive every issue you’ve paid for. Let us know about three weeks before you leave and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you receive the Review when you want it where you want it.

Thank you for your subscription. We are glad to be able to serve you.

Yvonne Surrene
Associate Publisher

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