Monday, July 11, 2011

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery may be something you need to undertake if your laptop won't boot from the drive or makes a loud ticking or grinding noise, not a lot can be done apart from replacing the laptop hard drive entirely.

Your options here are limited and generally involves attempting some data recovery if you need to retrieve something off the faulty drive.

Data recovery can also be a limited endeavour if you want to keep the cost down, there are laptop data recovery specialists out there that charge considerable amounts to recover data for you. Your cheaper options are to purchase, loan or steal an external USB drive enclosure or caddy (see images below) to fit your drive to in order to connect it to another PC to see if you can view the contents of the drive.

If you do this and your notebook drive is not detected or viewable when connected to the other PC then the expensive option looks likely to be your only one if you want to recover any data off the drive.

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