Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter of Appology for Lost Document

August 4, 20XX

Mrs. Franklin
5930 E. 46th St.
Colesville, MD 20901

Dear Mrs. Franklin:

Your patience has been bountiful. When we last spoke on Friday, I had not yet located your payment. I have credited $45.89 to your account today. Our policy states that one percent interest (APR) is accrued on the last workday of the month on any account balance.

However, we are withdrawing this policy for you for August 1 through October 31, during which time your account will reflect a zero-interest adjustment. We found your check (#984, dated June 20, 20XX) on our mailroom floor this morning. The envelope was torn away and the check was crumpled. We are still speculating about how it disappeared.

To offset any inconvenience the interim bills have caused you, we are enclosing a 20 percent discount coupon for your next order. Just attach the coupon to your order and I’ll personally assist you.

Thank you for your patience, Mrs. Franklin. Please accept our warmest apology.

Sybil Paxton
Customer Service Manager

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