Monday, July 11, 2011

Complicated Instructional Letter

Complicated instructions can be handled in a cover letter such as this one. Part of each sale is to get the reader/buyer to perform an action that brings him closer to the close of the sale or resale.

March 15, 20XX

Tony Blumenthal, Realtor
The Winstead Building, Suite 400
P.O. Box 46758
Boston, MA 02180

Dear Tony:

Two copies of the revised six-month leasing agreement for the Zarcon Laser Copier II are enclosed. I’m pleased you are happy with its performance.

The yellow highlights on one copy reflect the changes that we addressed in our March 14 conversation. Please indicate any additions or omissions in the margins and initial and date each correction. I will review the copy and get back to you by April 5.

If the current changes meet with your approval, please sign at the “X” on page 3 of the unmarked copy and return it in the SASE by March 29.

If I may clarify or help in any other way, Tony, please call me at 555-3993.

Lee Webster
Senior Account Executive

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