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How To Take Your Laptop Apart

Laptop Disassembly Procedure.

This is a guide on how to take your laptop apart, it's based on one particular model and won't tell you how to take your laptop apart exactly, it's meant to be used as a general guide on how to disassemble a laptop and should be used to get an understanding of how they're put together.

This page has step by step instructions with quite a few images, it may take a few seconds to load so please be patient.

OK, remember not to undertake this sort of thing unless you are confident you can see it through. Please begin by reading the safety instructions below.

Before You Begin.
Look over the procedures in this section before you begin to take the laptop apart. Familiarize yourself with the disassembly and reassembly steps. Begin each procedure by removing the AC adaptor and the battery pack.

Points to note.
1. Do not take your laptop apart unless it is operating abnormally.

2. Use only the correct and approved tools.

3. Make sure the working environment is free from the following elements whether you are using or storing the laptop.

- Dust and contaminates
- Static electricity
- Extreme heat, cold and humidity

4. Make sure the FRU you are replacing is causing the abnormal operation by performing the necessary troubleshooting and diagnostics tests.

5. As you take your laptop apart, place any removed components in a safe place away from the computer so they will not be damaged and will not interfere with your work.

6. You will remove and replace many screws as you disassemble your laptop. When you remove screws, make sure they are placed in a safe place and identified with the correct parts.

7. When assembling the computer make sure you use the correct screws to secure the various pieces. Screw sizes are listed in their corresponding figures.

8. After you have replaced an FRU, make sure the computer is functioning properly by performing the appropriate test on the FRU you have fixed or replaced.

This guide explains how to take your laptop apart and replace Field Replaceable Units (FRUs). It may not be necessary to remove all the FRUs in order to replace one. The chart below is a guide to which FRUs need to be removed in order to remove others. Always start by removing the battery pack, next remove optional items such as the PC Card, then follow the chart downward removing only those FRUs necessary to reach the one you think is causing the computer to operate improperly.

The diagram below shows FRUs to be removed before the Direct Play button board can be removed and repaired or replaced. The Direct Play button board is overlapped by the top cover which must be removed before the Direct Play button board can be reached.

The removable HDD, keyboard, wireless LAN, ODD, modem, and display assembly in turn overlap the top cover. Before you begin to take your laptop apart always start the disassembly process by removing the battery pack.
Removing the Battery Pack
To remove the battery pack from the battery bay, follow the steps below.
1. Turn the computer upside down.
2. Unlock the battery double lock and slide the battery bay latch to release the battery pack. Then you can remove it from the bay.

Removing the HDD Module
Follow the steps below to remove HDD module:
1. Turn the computer upside down
2. Remove two black M2.5x5 screws to release the HDD door.
3. Pull out the tab to remove the HDD unit.

Removing the Optical Drive Module
To remove the optical drive module, you need to remove the HDD unit first. Follow the steps below:
1. Turn the computer upside down.
2. Follow the steps above to remove the HDD unit.
3. Remove one M2.5x8 screw and slide the optical drive module from the bay.
A lot of laptops have a select bay or removable drive not requiring any screw removal, in those cases simply eject the drive.

Removing the Wireless LAN Unit
1. Turn the computer upside down and loosen the screw securing the wireless LAN compartment cover.
2. Lift off the wireless LAN compartment cover.
3. Remove the embedded screw M2.5x5 securing Mini PCI bracket.
4. Detach the two ends of the wireless LAN antenna.
You may need a Hex or Torq (T7) screwdriver to access the Wifi card.

5. Gently press out on the latches. One end of the wireless LAN unit will pop up.
6. Grasp the wireless LAN unit and pull it out.
Removing the Expansion Memory
To remove the memory module, make sure the computer is in boot mode then:
1. Be sure the power is off and all cables are disconnected from the computer.
2. Turn the computer upside down and remove the battery and the screw securing the memory module socket cover.
3. Slide your fingernail or a thin object under the cover and lift it off.
4. Push the latches to the outside to release the module. A spring will force one end of the module up.
5. Grasp the module and pull it out.
6. Seat the cover and secure its screws.
7. Replace the battery.
Remove the memory bay cover
Removing the Modem
To remove the installed modem, first remove the strip cover and keyboard , then follow the steps below:
1. Remove two black M2.5x3 screws securing the modem module.
2. Carefully lift the unit off its connector.
3. Disconnect the modem cable from the modem module.

Modem removal in a system with the modem mounted under the keyboard, a lot of laptops have an access panel from the underside.

Removing the Display Assembly

Removing the Cover
To remove the top cover, first remove the battery pack, display assembly , optical drive module, HDD, memory module and wireless LAN, then follow the steps below:

1. Remove five black M2.5x8 black screws and one black M2.5x3 screw securing the top cover.
2. Detach the upper FFC cable and two speaker cables on the top chassis.
3. Remove the two black M2.5x8 screws securing the system board.
4. Turn the computer upside down and remove the following sixteen screws as shown in the diagram below
5. Turn the computer upright to lift off the top cover.

Removing the System Board
To remove your laptop's mainboard, first remove the LCD assembly and top cover, then follow the steps below:
1. Remove the two black M2.5x8 screws securing the system board to the bottom cover.
2. Remove the two or four silver screws securing the system board to the backside.
3. Remove the system board from the chassis.

Mainboard screws will vary from 1 or 2 up to 10 or more. Remember to disconnect any cables that are connected.

These instructions should be only used as a guide to give you an understanding on how to take your laptop apart. If you're not 100% sure of what you're doing if may be a better idea to pay a technician to take your laptop apart and repair it.

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