Monday, July 11, 2011

Sales Letter to Existing Client

September 10, 20XX

John L. Hoffman
United Services Bank
P.O. Box 8976
San Francisco, CA 94133

Dear Mr. Hoffman:

This afternoon I spoke with Don Smith at the United Services Bank in Berkeley. During our conversation, Don mentioned that the bank uses a local CPA firm to maintain its book depreciation records.

Since we prepare the tax return for United Services Bank, it would seem to make sense for us to maintain both systems. We would incur some set-up cost; however, this would be recouped over a relatively short period through efficiencies in running both depreciation systems through one software package.

If you are interested in this idea, I will put together an estimate of the set-up cost for you. For your information, since the bank’s book depreciation system is in very good shape, I would anticipate our set-up time on this account to be less than what we have encountered in setting up other clients.

Steve Brooks
Vice President

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