Monday, July 11, 2011

Laptop Headphone Jack Repair

Laptop headphone jack repair is a common repair job and can be the result of general wear and tear or a mishap with the jack, what happens a lot is that the headphones are inserted and the plug gets removed roughly or pulled to one side, accidently dislodging or damaging the headphone jack solder points.

This will result in the loss of sound through the laptops internal speakers or through the headphone jack itself.

Depending on how bad the damage is it may be able to be repaired. A technician that is handy with a soldering iron can often resolder the jack in order to repair functionality without too much trouble. Once again if the jack housing or surrounding components have been damaged too much the repair even for the best technician will be fruitless and would result in the board (PCB) that the headphone jack is connected to being replaced.

Here’s where you need to pray that the laptop you have has the headphone jack mounted on a separate daughter or minor board (PCB). Unfortunately if the headphone jack is mounted on the main board you could be looking at big $$ (main boards here in Australia can cost anything from $400.00 - $2500.00).

Laptop minor (daughter) board with headphone jack.

Warranty on this sort of thing is a bit of a grey area and is taken on a case by case basis by most manufacturers and will depend on the repairer’s findings when they inspect the machine.

Some advice is that if you can find somebody who does component level repairs on audio visual or similar equipment with PCB’s of the same detail, they may be able to repair it for you as well (and at a cheaper price, we all know how laptop technicians can charge!), it's probably a good idea to consult a technician who works a lot on your make of laptop first to get an idea of the problem.

Research exactly what's involved with your particular laptop headphone jack repair first in order to save yourself some time and money.

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