Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter for Payment Deadline

August 5, 20XX

Ted Wilson
515 Ramey Ct.
Laramie, WY 82063

Dear Mr. Wilson:

We have not yet received your payments. This is to remind you that both your first and second payments of $100 are now overdue. This $200 plus the balance of $119.04 is due on August 15.

In the credit agreement you signed, you agreed to pay off your bill in three payments. The first payment of $100 was due June 15, 20XX, the second payment of $100 was due July 15, 20XX, and the final payment of $119.04 is due August 15, 20XX. Please send the full amount in 10 days.

Failure to pay on time will affect your ability to charge merchandise at our store. If you want to discuss your account, call me at 800-555-9875. Perhaps we can arrange a more comfortable payment plan.

Thank you for your immediate attention.

Mary West
Credit Manager

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