Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Toolbar

There are many sites which offer to download google toolbar for free including Google Official site for google toolbars, for example Softpedia, Brothersoft etc.

Google Toolbar for Chrome
Well not quite a Google Toolbar, but as close as we can get with no plugin API. Also this has a lot of the functionality of the SEOQuake addon for Firefox, so if your a webmaster or SEO these can be pretty useful for Chrome. They are used just like bookmarks, so create a new bookmark, name it something self explanitory and for the URL place the corresponding code. Until we get real webmaster or SEO tools for Google Chrome these do a pretty good job of getting around the problem.

How to remove google toolbar
For removing Google You will hyave to uninstall it. It is as simple as you install google toolbar. Google Toolbar is a free add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox that enables you to access key Google components direct from your internet browser. Features include search, website sharing with social networks and webpage translation. Removing the Google Toolbar from your browser once no longer required is a simple process that does not require removing or reinstalling your browser itself. If google toolbar disappeared then there are certain steps but these are different for example Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer steps are different for Google Toolbar for Firefox or google toolbar for Chrome.

For Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer follow as below; 
First Step: Enable add-ons
Click the Internet Explorer Tools menu or press Alt-T on your keyboard.
Select Manage Add-ons.
Click Enable or Disable Add-ons.
If Google Toolbar, Google Toolbar Helper or Google Toolbar Notifier BHO are disabled, select each add-on and click the 'Enable' radio button.
Click OK.
2nd Step: Enable the Toolbar in the 'View' menu
Click the Internet Explorer View menu or press Alt-V on your keyboard.
Select Toolbars.
Select Google Toolbar.
3rd Step: Reset Internet Explorer settings
Click the Internet Explorer Tools menu or press Alt-T on your keyboard.
Select Internet Options.
On the Advanced tab, click Reset.

For Google Toolbar for Firefox, follow as below 

First Step: Enable add-ons
Click the Firefox Tools menu or press Alt-T on your keyboard.
Select Add-ons.
Click Google Toolbar for Firefox.
If you see an Enable button, click it to enable Toolbar. If you see a Disable button, Toolbar is already enabled.
Click Close.
2nd Step: Enable Toolbar in the 'View' menu
Click the Firefox View menu or press Alt-V on your keyboard.
Select Toolbars.
Select Google Toolbar.

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