Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter selling consumer service

Ms. Joanne Wagner
456 Allegheny Road
Southside, New Jersey 09090

Dear Ms. Wagner:

There is not a single reason why you should now be using Blotto Laundry Service. Because anything Blotto can do, Spotless Laundry’s professionals can do better—for less. And if you switch to Spotless before April 30, 20X3, you’ll receive a free week of laundry service.

Why would you want to pay the high cost of Blotto’s weekly pickup and delivery service? Come over to Spotless. You’ll get the best laundry service at the best price and you won’t give up a thing.

Our complete fleet of trucks operated by professional drivers will give you the service you deserve. Our brand new state-of-the-art industrial laundry facilities increase the efficiency of our operations, allowing us to give you the highest quality service at the lowest prices available.

Spotless Laundry is fully equipped to provide all the services you’d expect—even morning pickup and same afternoon delivery. And our quarterly billing plan is the ultimate in making it easy for you to pay for the service without receiving a pile of bills every week.

Rest assured that once you sign on with Spotless, there’ll be no interruption of your laundry service and no inconvenience to you whatsoever. Read the brochure enclosed with this letter. It includes our menu of services and prices. Then return the authorization form without delay so you don’t miss out on our special offer of a free week of laundry service.

Better yet, get Spotless quality, savings, and service right now by calling us toll-free. We’re waiting to hear from you at 1-800-555-8537.


Beverly G. Krauss
Vice President
Sales and Marketing

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