Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter from new salesperson

Ms. Patsy Palay
Palay Sporting Goods
139 Howard Place
Carfer, West Virginia 26000

Dear Ms. Palay:

I am your new Glorious Racquets sales representative. I arrived in the territory about a month ago and have been working with my predecessor, Bob Sheffield, to familiarize myself with both the territory and all of the dealers in it.

If you should ever need to reach me when I am on the road, feel free to have me paged. The phone number for my paging service is 617-555-3232. To have me paged:
Dial the pager number on a touch-tone telephone.
When you hear the tone, punch in your telephone number.
After you have entered your number, push the pound ([1]) button.
Hang up your telephone.

Your message will be transmitted to my pager. You can also call my personal extension at Glorious Racquets, which is 617-555-2345, and leave a message for me.

I look forward to meeting you and all of the people at Palay Sporting Goods. I’ll call soon to set up a mutually convenient meeting time. Thanks for your patience in the transition to a new sales representative.

Bethany J. Cole
Sales Representative

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