Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Started with AdSense

AdSense is ad space on your Web page or blog that you lease to advertisers.) Now, I think definitions are all well and good, but it’s time to get started using AdSense to generate a little income from your Web site, don’t you know? Before I get too deep into the hows, though, I need to address a few whys.

Probably one of the greatest reasons to use AdSense is to tap into the growing Web advertising market, a market expected to reach about $18.9 billion dollars by 2010 if you can believe the folks at Jupiter Research. And if you could have a fraction of a percent of that market, wouldn’t it be worth a few minutes of your time to set up an AdSense account?
Of course, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Self, if that much advertising revenue is available on the Web, why don’t I just go straight to the source and cut out the middle man?” You could. After all, why in the world would you want to give Google a portion
of the income that you can generate selling advertising space on your Web site? Okay, okay. I give. The question was a setup. The truth is I can think of a few (very good) reasons that it might be worth losing a small portion of your advertising revenue to allow Google to handle the logistics:

Ease of advertising sales: You could find out which advertisers are putting their ads on your site and go straight to them to cut a deal for advertising that would cut Google right out of the picture. But would you know who to contact? And would you know how to go about convincing the advertiser to put his ads on your site? Probably not. Instead, Google
handles those sales issues for you, and that alone justifies the premium that Google gets from connecting advertisers with ad publishers.

Availability of time: Think of it like this: You can make and bake homemade bread to go along with your dinner every single night, but it’s timeconsuming and bread’s available on the grocery store shelves that you don’t have to knead, let rise, or bake. And that bread is just as good as anything most people could make at home (and in a lot of cases, much better!). AdSense is the same. You could track down the sales, negotiate
the deals, design the ads, and then connect your site to the advertiser’s site. But why would you spend time on that when you could let Google do it, place a couple lines of code in the design of your Web site, and then sit back and wait for the clicks to happen? Time is at a premium, and you have better ways to spend that premium than on the
time-consuming activities that go along with selling, designing, and implementing advertising on your Web site.

Avoidance of technological frustrations: Those ads that are placed on your Web site when you sign up for AdSense are created by someone. Usually that someone is a tech geek of some kind who not only knows what works in online advertising but also knows how to program pages or sections of pages to see, display, and update advertisements regularly. Are you that someone? Most of the time, the answer to that question is no, you’re not the tech guru. If you were, you’d be in advertising and wouldn’t need this book. It just makes more sense to allow someone
who knows how to handle the situation to handle it. That frees you up to
do tasks that are more essential to making money.

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