Monday, August 1, 2011

Google’s Policies for Adsense

If you’ve read anything at all online about AdSense, you’ve probably seen the phrase “familiarize yourself with the AdSense Program Policies” at least as many times as you’ve seen the moon. There’s good reason for that.

Google is very strict about AdSense users (publishers, in their jargon) following the guidelines set forth in the AdSense Program Policies document. If you don’t adhere to the program policies, Google reserves the right to disable your AdSense account. And Google will — faster than you can say “What did I do wrong?” They’re that serious about the guidelines because the appearance of your site and your adherence to their guidelines determine how people view the advertisements. Google wants to be in users’ good graces, and your cooperation helps to accomplish that. The program policies aren’t filled with quite as much legalese as you might find in other policy documents, but you’ll encounter ten-dollar words like pursuant.

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll encounter in the policy document:
Invalid clicks and impressions
Encouraging clicks
Site content
Copyrighted materials
Webmaster Guidelines
Site and ad behavior
Ad placement
Competitive ads and services
Product-specific policies

In the next few sections, I deal with each of these points in greater detail. (Remember: This is just an overview. Read the document completely before you agree to the policy requirements of the program.)

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