Monday, August 1, 2011

Adsense Ad Selection

Ads that show on your site are determined by the content of your site. Google uses a search algorithm to determine what ads are best suited for your site — an algorithm that’s quite similar to the one Google uses when you run a search query from the Google search pages or through a Web site-based search box.

That said, it’s possible that the ads that show on your site might have nothing at all to do with the content of the site. Here’s why: If your site content isn’t very focused, the algorithm gets confused and isn’t sure which ads are appropriate. So, it makes its best guess, which may or may not be correct. The best way to ensure that the ads are highly relevant to your content is to have well-focused, keyword-rich content.

No one wants ads from their competitors on their Web site. Even if you’re not selling anything from your site, it’s likely that some ads you just don’t want shown on your site.

Fortunately, Google’s made it possible to exclude some companies from showing their ads on your site. It’s not too difficult to do; simply ad your competitors’ URLs (Uniform Resource Locator, the Web address) to your ad filters, and the competition is then blocked from advertising on your site.

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