Thursday, February 3, 2011

Auto-Filter Command in MS Excel

Auto-filter command in Microsoft Excel is used to categroize large number of records. For example a company is keeping import shipment records . To categroize record, product wise, origin wise, importer or exporter wise, auto filter command will be used.
First, headings cell will be selected for this purpose and then in Data Tool option select Auto filter after which in all headings of the table, auto-filter will be activated.

Below is a sample worksheet of Microsoft Excel where Auto-Filter command is given after preparation of the worksheet.

Now to get one specifc cateogry records, click on a heading and then select one particular word for exmple, China as origin.
After doing this, the table will show only records in which China is mentioned as origin, please see picture below

Similarly if you want to auto-filter records in such a way that it should show only shipments records of M/s Denim Co Ltd, what ever they imported from whatsoever country. Select in Heading Importer Column, the company name which is Denim Co Ltd and it will show the records of M/s Denim Co Ltd.

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