Sunday, February 20, 2011

iOS 4.3 Apple's latest Technology

The latest Apple iOS4.3 operating system update is bringing new technologies for the iPad, iPhone and other associated mobile accessories. This will enable to stream video to Apple TV through AirPlay, plus it has full-screen banners on Apple’s iAd platform and HTTP Live Streaming statistics. The initial iOS 4.3 beta operating system came out early last month in January. It had the Personal Hotspot, which allows up to five gadgets to wirelessly connect to the iPhone and use its 3G wireless connection. About seven days later, Apple put out another version of the iOS 4.3 beta operating system. News has also been released saying that Apple plans an announcement later in February to show off the operating system’s and may give everyone a look at the second generation iPad that everyone has been waiting for.

No one but Apple knows if there will be a look at the iPad, but it’s pretty certain that they are working hard on how to However, it’s safe to assume the company is working furiously on ways to oppose the increasing popularity of its competition from smartphones and tablet computers that run the Android operating system.
Android 3.0 was made with tablet computers as its main target.It has a redesigned, large screen friendly virtual keyboard and a spanking new system bar on the screen’s bottom. Google put in a lot of hours tweaking their Internet browser, and it now features tabs for viewing more than one window at the same time, and Google also improved its software so that the applications can run on a bigger screen. Google officials said the old version of the operating system, Android 2.2, was designed for smartphone-sized screens, but that didn’t stop Samsung and other makers to put it on full-sized tablet computers.
All of this makes it special made for beating Apple’s new iOS by itself, and thus raising the Google Apps Marketplace’s profile to where it will be able to compete in the mindshare category along with the Apple App Store.
Even though the iPad sales are still going fantastically with users, and the new iOS 4.2 has abilities that are making it even more popular with a majority of business consumers, the Android-based tablets are expected to get a major portion of the share in the market share in 2011. That risk by itself is causing Apple officials to think long and hard about how to remain ahead in the exact market the iPad has already made popular, so that’s why they are releasing the new operating system.

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