Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Create GIF Image in Adobe Photoshop

GIF images are used in different portion of website to highlight a point, or place. For example in your website you will create a blinking image “NEW” to inform your viewers about certain updates. In your email newsletter also, when you are focusing a point or thing you can use GIF image to attract your viewer’s attention.

GIF images are combination of different layers, combined together in one picture, which seems to be a moving image when one after one layer is shown, and it given an impression like a movie or moving image.

Below is a an easiest way of creating GIF image in Adobe Photoshop.
First create a new file. Its size should not be large, otherwise image will take time to load. Make it 100 x100 or 150x150 or 200x300 or around it. Write some thing on it, which you want to be shown as blinking. For example we write, An Easiest way of creating a GIF Image.

Then transfer that image to Adobe Image Ready by clicking below mentioned icon in Tool Box.

Here in Adobe Image Ready click on Animation.
Create 2 duplicate layers.

Now select 2nd layer and go to Layer Option and click on its visibility and make it invisible.
Now select first layer, at bottom of it, you will see timing as Zero, make it for 5 seconds, which means, that first layer will be shown for 5 seconds.
Now come back on 2nd layer, and select its timing as 2 seconds.
Similarly select 3rd layer and select its timing as 5 seconds.
Now go in file and click on Save Optimized where file type will automatically be shown as Gif Image. Name the file and save it and open it in browser.

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