Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Create Automated Web Photo Gallery

In Adobe Photoshop with the help of automated web photo gallery option we can easily turn our photo collection in to beatiful web page . Its just like a wizard tool which is given as under;
First create two folders on your hard disk with different names. Let us suppose we are creating two folders , one is picturers and the other will be Web Photo Gallery. Then transfer collection of picturers in first folder, ie. Picturers folder at computers desktop.

Then go to Adobe Photoshop, click on file menue, then Automate, then Web Photo Gallery, after which one window will be appeaed, image of which is given above.

Here first we have style option, in which we can select among different styles. Style preview will be shown under OK /Cancel option. After selecting style, there will be an option  under it, "source image". Wherever we have saved our picturers, we will give path of that folder. Since we had saved our picturers in picturers folder at desktop, we will give that same path. After this, we will give another folder's path ie Web Photo Gallery, in Destination option. Where all webpages will be created automatically after we have given the path for destination and clicked ok.

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