Friday, February 4, 2011

An Introduction to HTML Email Designing

HTML emails are these days a basic tool for e-marketing and very productive in generating sales inquiries. No matter you are selling your products in your own country and exporting to other countries, HTML emails are handsome way to approach customers, in such a way that if you are sending your offers on monthly basis, because of your email beauty he will not feel annoyed, in fact due to appearance, there are more chances that he will look in to your email, what products or services you are offering.

A company who has variety of products, about which they intend to update customers on regular basis, it not a right way that you attach a brochure and send it to your mailing list. Infact sending emails with attachment to large number of email addresses is not encouraged at all, and treated as spamming by most of the mailing servers.

On the other hand beauty of HTML email is that you can reproduce the brochure, and can include all images and text beautifully, whereas email remains without attachment and the viewer will see it in first glimpse. He will not have to download, in majority of cases, viewer ignores the email.

Html Emails are just like a html webpage, designed according to email. The reason why images in HTML emails are not shown or become attachment, because images are actually uploaded on website and while receiving email, pictures are taken from that source.

Email designing can consist of just one image, which you will design in an Graphics Designing Software, and will upload at any server, and then can use it in your email. However, to make the email lighter, you can use text with html coding.

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