Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sample Termination Letter

Termination letter are the most critical nature of correspondence where on both side persons feel uncomfortable. One must take into consideration all the circumstance in which such decision is taken. If company is terminating staff due to financial losses, it is not right to put forward minor issue to make a reason for termination. If reason is employee’s negligence or misconduct, then the issue must be handled according to facts. Below is a sample termination letter for an employee found in fraud and misconduct.

Mr. Brooks Smith,
Sushi Town 5935 Hastings
Burnaby, BC

Dear Brooks Smith,

Subject :  Termination With Immediate Effect.

In accordance with section 44 of the Labour Law, this letter serves to indicate that you are being dismissed with immediate effect.

We have been auditing and investigating financial records for year 2009-2010 and recent payment settlements to Viasat motor, Ace Engineering, Penn Engineering, crown chemical company, American cookie company and Bain & Company etc. As per Chartered Financial Analyst appointed by M/s A&A Associates, there are large number of discrepancies in payment settlement transactions to above mentioned companies. Payment terms clearly states that there no discount until and unless duly approved by Account Director as well as Financial Director, where as you have deliberately violated this law and granted huge sum of discounts for above companies which resulted a loss of USD 23,000 in the financial year 2009-2010.

Another case forwarded to me was duplicate refund to M/s Cala Corporation, where as there is no proof that the client returned the stock, against which you had approved refund.

In view of above, I have no other option to direct you to leave the employer’s premises You can contact me tomorrow to arrange a time to pack up your belongings.


Jean Arthur
Managing Director
Vermont brownie company

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