Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finger on Keyboard

To learn typing and to speed-up your typing, first rule is to set your finger properly. Even if you are typing without fingers proper placement on keboard, earlier, you have to avoid it and doesn’t matter if in the beginning you are slow. Practice regularly.

To do first lesson, place your left hand side four fingers on Asdf ;
On A: Smallest finger
On s:  Finger next to smallest finger
On d:  middle finger
On F: Finer before thumb
G: the finger which you use to press f, will be used to type G as well.

On f you will see a little bump, which helps you to identify F key, without looking at keyboard.

Once you have gained control over first lesson and you can type asdfg, 2nd lesson is to place your right hands finger on ;lkj
On ; :  Smallest finger of right hand
On L: Finger next to smallest finger
On K: Middle finger of right hand
On J :  Figner next to thumb
H      :  For pressing you will use the same finger which you used to press J

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