Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Text tool is the most common one, which you will use in almost every brochure or designing anything. You can write type text by selecting icon "T" in tool box. After selecting T, click on any new file or document you have already opened, where you want to type. After clicking, cursor will start blinking, means you can start typing here.

TEXT DIRECTION: You can type text vertically or horizontally, by selecting respective option. For this, right click on icon T, and you will see both options there.

TEXT FONT, SIZE, COLOR & ALIGNMENT:  In the upper bar you can see options for selecting font, increasing or decreasing font size, alignment option for right, left and centralizing, as well as color. For color either you choose and make from the available ones, or if you want to match the color with some part of the image, then click on "Eye Dropper Tool" in tool box and then click on the image part, from where you want to copy the color. After doing it, color will be changed and then use that color to text.

CREATE WARPED TEXT OPTION: In the upper bar of photoshop, alongwith text color, next option is Create Warped Text option, through which you can type text in different shapes, like D shape, Flag Shape and lots of other shapes option are available in this option. This has similarity with the Ms Word Option of "Insert Word Art".

HOW TO WRITE A PARAGRAPH IN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: In the upper bar of Adobe Photoshop, next option is for Writing Paragraph. This option is utilized when we have to write 2 or more than 2 lines in the form of paragraph. First click this option and then select an area which will become like a box. Later on you can move that box, or increase or decrease the size of the box as well.

PHOTOSHOP TEXT EFFECTS: You can give cool photoshop text effects, through Layer Style option. For this, first select text and then go layer option in the upper bar of your Photoshop. Then select Layer Style and there you will see different options of like; Drop Shadow, Inner shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Satin, Overlay, Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlay, Stroke, Globe Light etc. To understand effects of these options on your text, use each option one by one, and you will see the different and effects, each option, will create. Use the ones, you need for creating 3D Photoshop text effect or any other effects on text.

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