Friday, February 4, 2011

An Introduction to Java

Java Language was created as part of green project of sun microsystems in 1991. Sun mircro systems was actually group of researchers who used to produce programmes to control equipments like tv, vcr, fridge, etc. Green researchers developed one equipment which was like a remote control, to transmit signals between different equipments. In the beginning they decided to do it in c++ language. But due to problems of doing it in c++, they decided to develop another language which was initially named as OAK and then changed to Java.
Java is a language which is useful for other designing related prorgrammes which work alongwith internet applications. It is also object oriented programming language which can be run on different operating systems, means its programmes can be developed in such a way that can be run on microsoft windows, apple macintosh and unix etc. Java is very close to languages like c++ and visual basic .

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