Saturday, February 19, 2011

Google Adsense Tutorial for Beginners

Google adsense is an online program started by Google mainly to mediate between advertisers and publishers. If you have a website on which there are large number of regular visitors, then you can make money with adsense. There are large number of companies, who want to market their product and promote their services.
They use google advertisement. For example, when you search any thing on google, you will see some ads on right side of the page. Similar kinds of ads are shown on individual different websites with the permission of publisher. However, this program takes an exciting turn, when we entered in a blogging era. Earlier only professional web developers were able to make website and then earning money from google adsense program but after the start of blogging ear, those who had simply no idea of web development, utilized blog to make money thru adsene.

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