Saturday, February 12, 2011

Palm weboS by HP

Palm WEBOS is an operating system for mobile which runs on the Linux kernel. WEBOS apps are developed by HP in January 2009 and before there was Palm OS, and was widely recognized following its unveiling for its integration with Web 2.0 technologies, open architecture, multitasking capabilities, and ease of use. The first ever device to utilize webOS was Palm Pre, which was launched on in June 2009. This operating system was one of the widely utilize over-the-air software updates for all devices.

Uptill now Plam WEBOS has introduced below version;

webos 1.0.2                                         webos 1.0.3
webos 1.0.4                                         webos 1.1.0
webos 1.2.0                                         webos 1.2.1
webos 1.3.5                                         webos
webos 1.4                                            webos
webos 1.4.5                                         webos 2.0
webos 2.0.1                                         webos 2.1
webos 2.2                                            webos 3.0

Webos has enabled users to enjoy with the free Homebrew apps, themes, patches, and to make Palm Pre or Pixi work the way you want! You can be up and running with WebOS Quick Install in a matter of minutes

Some of the famous webos apps are Forbes, Concerts, Checkers, Currency, Lights Out, Video Poker, Horoscope, Dumb waiter, zilch, TMaps DC, Tip’em, Directv FNL, Translator, Photo Dialer, Canadian Press, yelp, Word Ace, Mileage Monitor, Bubbles, spades

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