Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introduction to HTML for Beginners

Creating HTML document is as easy as typing in MS Word. One of the properties of HTML is it is just text. The content is text and the tags are text. So  you can write your HTML in any text editor easily.

If you are running any variety of Windows, you can use Notepad. If you have a Mac on your desk, you can use Simple Text. If you work in UNIX, you can use emacs, vi, jove, pico or any text editor or editor capable of producing text-only documents can be used to create HTML documents.

While creating an HTML Document, keep in mind following points. 

  • First you have to finalize your message text which you want to publish as HTML document. 
  • Mark up your content with HTML tags.
  • While saving an HTML file you should always give it a .html or .htm extension. (The former, .html, is generally suitable.) It correctly recognize the file as having HTML content so that Web browsers and servers correctly dealt with it.

Following are some basic commands which are used in almost every html document.
To start paragraph use <p>
To end paragraph use </p>

HTML document should have a title which will be shown on browser.
<title>Welcome to Pizzhut Website</title>

For headings use following commands
<h1>Online Courses</h1>
for sub category or sub-heading use following command
<h2>Corel Draw</h2>

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