Friday, February 4, 2011

An Introduction to Computer Networking

Connecting two or more than two computers with cables or without cables (in case of wireless networking) is called networking. Basic objective of networking is to share data with other computers on network. Before networking, it was possible, with the help of discs and other equipments but was expensive and time consuming. With the help of networking alongwith sharing data, computers on networks can use dvd drive, cd drive, and printers installed on other computers. All computers are connected to one cetral network which is called hub.

There are some basic terminologies in computer networking which are as under;
1. LAN is abbreviation of Local Area Network and the card installed in computer is called LAN card.
2. Online on network means, computer can be accessed and date can be transfered, but if in a case it is not possible, then it means, the other computer either shut down, or there might be other technical problems, due to which the computer is not on network and will be called as offline. Computer can also allow or disallow user to access the data which is called sharing rights.


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