Friday, February 4, 2011

An Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Usually search engine optimization (SEO) is taken as technical part of web marketing. To some extent it is correct, becusae you do need to know at least basics of html . Purpose of SEO is to turn the website into such a shape which should be search engine friendly, no matter if it is related to text of the webpage, selection of words, name of pages, categories, links etc. All these things do make an effect on website performance , that what is its search engine ranking.
Why Search Ranking is Important?
We can understand importance of search engine ranking with the help of an example. There is cmopany which is providing packaging services. Website of the company can generate sales inquires through only and only when in google search their company link is appearing in first few pages . More upper their name would be , more people are going to visit their website and as a result more sales inquiries will be generated. If the company's website is not coming in first few pages of google search then it means, website is not properly optimized.


  1. Google can be one tough search engine to crack. But if you know the basics of SEO,it's not difficult to place your website on the the top spot of Google and other search engines.

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  3. As far as search engines go, gaming them isn't the key to rankings. The algorithms of search engines are ever changing, and having a firm idea of what future trends might be when it comes to search will really make a big difference in getting to the top.
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