Monday, February 7, 2011

Meta Tags Tutorial for Beginners

META definition: Meta is a greek work which means concept , summary or abstract. Meta plays a vital role in search engine optimization, it does not matter in which form it is, it can be in the form of meta title, it can be in the form of meta description or  meta key words. In this article, we will learn what are meta tags.

Meta Title Tag
Meta title tag is the most important part in optimizing website, or for making it SEO friendly. Another thing in title meta tag is the order of words. The first two or three words have more importance rather than the last word of 6 words title tag.

Meta Tag Description
Meta description tag has lesser importance, but still work for the web developers and bloggers, as large number of search engines use them if it has exact relationship with the title meta tag, or you can say it is group of meta keywords. We can say that, it is a short summary of 2 or three lines for 1 page.

Meta Tags for Different Pages
I would not suggest that you pack each page of your blog to lots of same meta keywords. Each page should have different and unique meta title, keyword and tags.

HTML Meta Tags
Html meta tag is the text which is added in the head of a web page. This information or text will not be visible or can not be seen by the visitors of this webpage.

There are some online sellers as well who offer meta tag generator, meta tag creator and meta tag analyzer. Meta keyword generator help you produce meta name relating to your site according to top searches and trends, these keywords you can use for different portion of your blog, or html website.

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