Thursday, February 3, 2011

Start with Blogspot - An Introduction

In last few years, the way numbers of blogs have been increasing, its really nice for middle class people who have been able to earn extra income through blogging, as well as increasing their knowledge and skills. The only sad thing is that few people by misusing this facility have made things little complicated for those new bloggers who have no professional expertise of web development. So I would suggest all new bloggers to no to go after fake advertisement in newspaper about earning money through blogs, but to learn by themselves and start a blog, where they should express and write things by their ownself, not by copying others work. In this way they will not only increase their knowledge and abilities but later on when they are going to apply for google adsene, there would be more chances, that their application for google adsene will be accepted.

Keep in mind few things.
1. Whatever blog you are going to create, its better that you should be of that particular field so that you can express and share your professional experience. No need to worry that some body will copy your wok, more you share your experience and knowledge more people are going visit your blog and more your blog become popular.
2. If you are making a blog on a particular technology, make sure that its helpful for others.

To create a blog on blogspot, you must have an emaill ID. The same email account you can use to start a blog on
After signing in with your id, at create a blog, for which you will have to select a particular name if it is available.

Click on new post.

Here first you have to write subject of your post in title section. It should contain words that people are searching on internet, this will make your post seo friendly (What is SEO Search egine optimization, we will teach later on).

Then write your whole post, in which you can also add video or picutre as well.

In Label Colum, write the name of categroy. Incase if you are running a news blog, you can use different categories like, Current Affairs, Economy, Sports, etc, or incase if you are running a computer related blog, you can write Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Office, Oracle as categories. So when ever you are posting things, you will select particular category so that views can see index of their relavant choice.

At the end, after finalizing your post click on Publish Post.

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