Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Introduction to Microsoft Outlook for Beginners

To send email Microsoft introduced outlook in ms office 97 which was good enough but with limited shortcomings. Later on MS office eliminated those shortcomings in Ms Office 2000 alongwith adding some new features. Outlook can be used for variety of purposes, which are as under;
1. We can organie our calander.
2. We can organize our meeting schedules.
3. We can keep out our appointment book in it.
4. We can make a list of task, the work that are  to be done on priority basis.
5. we can write notes which are like comments of excel.

What is Outlook Express?
Outlook has two programmes, one is microsoft outlook and the other is microsoft outlook express. This is in fact an ad-on programme which comes alongwith windows 98 and with 2000 prefessional as well. We can also say it part of outlook which is basically used for email purpose only.  It contains a limited database also which is named as contact address book.

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