Friday, February 4, 2011

Computer Hardware for Beginners

Large number of people who work in office, use computer but they don’t know in details different components or hardware parts of computer. Some times, due to small issue with a component of your computer, will waste lot of your time. If you are working late at night, and there is minor issue with your computer, you will have to wait till next morning, to take out time and then go to a Computer Technician for identification of fault and its repairing. But if you have little knowledge about Computer hardware and its different components, you can very quickly identify the fault and can find a quick solution as well.

Below is some basic information for beginners who want to learn about computer hardware;

CPU: The process which converts raw data into information is called processing. This process is done between the computer's processor and memory. Computer processor is also called the Central Processing Unit (C.P.U). It handles all components and performs the actual processing of data.

MEMORY: Memory keeps data and instructions given by the program or software when the CPU works with them. This memory is called Random Access Memory (RAM).
Data in RAM is temporary, meaning it keeps data only when the power is on. When the power is off, RAM's data are lost.

INPUT DEVICES: These are devices which receives data from user or from another computer system for example keyboard and mouse.

OUTPUT DEVICES: These are devices which returns the processed data back to the user or computer for example Printer, Scanner, Monitor etc.

COMMUNICATION DEVICES: Modem, network cards, are devices which perform both function input and output. 

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