Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Find A Job

Job hunting is an art a person learns when he enters the job market after completing his education or even during his educational life. Unfortunately, we are living in a time, where job market all around the world is not very encouraging for new job hunters that they could easily find a job according to their choice, interest and qualification. Even during their educational time period, they are not being equipped well, to compete and get their first. After completion of education, and during start of job hunt, every single passing day is so important for the job seeker as it starts putting pressure on him. More he takes time, more he gets frustrated. So it is really very important, that he knows where to focus, what to focus, and what all things he has to do, without wasting time.

Before applying for job he has to carefully design his CV, giving brief details about his qualification, courses he has done, interest and capabilities. (Later we will do a separate lesson for CV writing)

Immediate first option could be internship which many firms offer ranging from one month to three months, as well as apprenticeship for the duration upto two years.

If job seeker is looking for an immediate job, rather internship or apprenticeship then he has following options to focus;

Tracking Advertisement in daily newspapers
Tracking Advertisement in online job portals
To properly communicate about his job seeking, to friends, relatives, neighbors, working in different organizations, asking them to inform you of any possible vacancy, matching your profile.

Proper use of internet can also play a vital role in job hunt. If you are looking for a job in your own city. Try to get directory of Chamber of Commerce of your city, trade associations, yellow pages, and other different website who provide online directories. Prepare a nice covering letter stating that you are looking for job, attach your cv and send to the maximum companies in your city.

So the thing is, proper job hunt depends on how your efforts are and finally pray to Almighty Allah to bless you Halal Job.

Later, we will do lessons for foreign job hunt (country wise).

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